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Pick Three

There's a marketing cliché that says you can pick two, but not three, of the following:

• Quality work
• Delivered on time
• At a reasonable price

At Kowal Communications, you can have aIl three. How?

We're a team of senior-level, self-employed professionals who have worked together for nearly two decades. Because we're experienced and self-motivated, and have low overhead, we can deliver quality work, on time, at a reasonable price.

If you feel the need to have a big name agency, Kowal Communications is not for you. if you'd prefer to have senior-level professionals who have worked together for many years and who will charge a reasonable rate, we're your agency.

Recent Projects

Our work on the recent launch of the Vertical Capital Income Fund resulted in features in The Wall Street Journal, Investment News and various other media.  The company chairman was quoted in The New York Times in a story that was picked up by many other media.

With the housing market improving, ERA Key recently returned as a client.  Kowal Communications has already arranged a feature on the company president in The Sunday Telegram, in addition to articles in Yahoo! Homes, RISMedia and Total Mortgage.  We have also arranged interviews with MSN, the Power Broker Report and other media.

Our Blog: "Pros & Cons"

OMG!  I’ve been thinking about writing this blog post since I heard about Beyoncé’s no-longer-secret album two weeks ago.

Why don’t we just say and write what we mean?  Instead, we often communicate in code.  Apparently, we’ve concluded that the people we talk to or write to can’t handle the truth, because we increasingly substitute euphemisms for real communication.

Today, content marketing rules.  We create content, manage content, share content and even try to amplify content.  Content is being promoted, optimized, aggregated, repurposed and even curated. So what is this thing called “content marketing” and how can it help your business?

Content marketing is a form of self-publishing.  Instead of publicizing company news, publishing articles in media or arranging interviews on newsworthy topics, content marketers typically write and post content on a blog, then “amplify” their message by tweeting it, and posting on LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube and elsewhere.