Don’t Get Out the Vote

January 24, 2013

If someone is too lazy, too apathetic and maybe just too stupid to vote without being coerced into voting, do we really want that person to vote?

Is someone has to be convinced to vote … if someone has to be driven to the polls … and, most important, if someone has to be told whom to vote for, do you really want that person casting a vote? 

Among those who are coerced into voting, how much do they know about the candidates running?  How much do they know about the issues?

While voting is the ultimate expression of democracy, why should someone who doesn’t care enough to learn about the issues have a vote that is equal to the vote of someone who cares passionately enough to spend time learning about the candidates and their stands?

In a measurement of likeability, members of Congress rate slightly higher than bubonic plague, but lower than the cockroach.  Yet, because people who shouldn’t vote do, members of Congress are routinely re-elected.

Maybe we need to encourage people not to vote – unless they know what they’re voting for.


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